Alston Waller is the Branch Director of BGCGW’s Dunbar Alexandria-Olympic Branch but that’s not where his story began… Alston attended this same Club when he was five years old as a member and eventually became staff at age 17. He started off as a Program Aid working directly with the children each day and “wore many hats,” handling various tasks around the Club. Now, at 33 years old, Alston handles all the day to day operations at the Dunbar Alexandria-Olympic Branch.
As a product of this same environment, Alston understands the importance of consistency in the kids’ lives. With 120-130 kids coming to this Club on a daily basis, Alston recognizes the importance of his role at BGCGW. When asked what brings him back every day, Alston said, “I was one of them, I was a kid from the neighborhood. Boys & Girls Clubs saved my life to be honest with you.” Alston attended Virginia State University where he studied K-12 Physical Education and Recreation. He plans to send as many of his Dunbar Alexandria-Olympic Branch kids to his Alma Mater as possible by taking his teens on college tours and introducing them to their possibilities.