Power Hour

Need a little homework help and focus? Never fear; the helpful homework hour is here. The Power Hour is designed to raise the academic proficiency of participants ages 6 to 12 with a comprehensive homework tutoring program.


Money Matters

Money Matters promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to 18. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college.


Private: STEAM

Funded by Zirkin, this program combines STEM + The Arts (STEAM) together. This program meets weekly and integrates song/music into science activities.



STEM Club provides members with access to hands-on high-yield activities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Members learn about energy, and urban infrastructure.


Torch Club

A program where 15 middle-school members are chosen for this young leadership development group. They elect officers, organize meetings where they plan and execute service projects for the Club and community. Our members logged over 350 service hours within the last year.



Young women get smart in this self-esteem building program focusing on education. Only for ages of 10 to 15, SMART Girls are encouraged to adopt healthy attitudes and make wise lifestyle decisions that will set them up for success.


Passport To Manhood

Passport to Manhood promotes and teaches responsibility in Club boys ages 11 to 14. Passport to Manhood consists of 14 sessions, each concentrating on a specific aspect of character and manhood through highly interactive activities.