Walking by Jimmy Works’ desk at the BGCGW’s Headquarters will often invoke a sense of curiosity. One may find a bin of play dough, half a dozen of lithium batteries, or set of pliers. With supplies like these, there is no doubt that there are some fun STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – programming being developed for the youth at the BGCGW clubs.

Before joining BGCGW, Jimmy taught STEM in middle school as part of the Baltimore City Teaching Residency from 2013-2015. During his teaching residency, the achievement gap and poverty experienced by his students was heartbreakingly apparent. He eventually became a consultant working with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Jimmy worked with BGCGW during the summer camps and enjoyed the welcoming environment that his students experienced at the Clubs. It was exciting to return three summers in a row, returning to Club members who were eager to share their deeper passion for STEM from year to year.

BGCGW was fortunate enough to hire Jimmy as the Director of STEM at BGCGW in October 2017. Jimmy oversees the Zirkin STEM Club running at eight clubs. This provides Club members opportunities to learn about energy, urban infrastructure, engineering and design, and even robotics! Jimmy hopes for the STEM programming to be expanded to all 15 BGCGW clubs and to create a culminating annual event for the STEM programs. Jimmy is also enthusiastic about the integration of new technology into the programs. Recently, Club members had the opportunity to work STEM Kits donated by Booz Allen Hamilton and with OzoBots, pocket sized coding robots and learned introductory skills for coding. He enjoys the seeing the love of STEM grow among our Club members from year to year, especially when students previously carried no interest in the subject.