Roeddel’s journey with BGCGW started in 1998 as an offsite hourly IT contractor back when the headquarters office was located in Silver Spring, Maryland.  This was before the advent of high-speed internet, online monitoring and remote support.  He reminisces about having to drive onsite for any computer issue. Now, the current IT Manager, he has seen the exponential improvement of technology and growth within the organization.
Technology and information systems are an important component to the day-to-day operations of BGCGW. But, it’s more than hard drives and internet access.  It’s about providing the best mechanisms to keep staff, donors, volunteers and our Club kids connected to the world around us.  Roeddel was instrumental in creating the state of the art reading center and conference room at Richard England Clubhouse 14.  The installment of touchscreen interactive TVs allows Club members to have a richer experience and computer interaction on a much bigger scale.  Roeddel says, “These enhancements will make reading sessions and meetings more pleasant.”
He works to stay on top of industry trends and innovations in the technology field that can improve our BGCGW programs.  Some of those high-tech devices include, not only, touch screen computers but iPads, 3D modeling printers, and digital imaging equipment.  The incorporation of these tools has enabled Boys & Girls Clubs to competitively seek technology grants.
When asked what he loves about his job, Roeddel says, “I literally learn something new every day but I find that I enjoy interacting with different personalities a lot more.  I find this more satisfying than the technical side of my job.”
Roeddel spends his free time participating in a variety of hobbies. He describes himself as an avid photographer.  For years, he captured the memories of couples as a wedding photographer.  He’s also a skilled musician.  While the piano is his first love, he also plays the guitar and drums.