At the end of summer it is always rejuvenating to consider the successes you anticipate in the coming year. Experience tells us we should also anticipate the unexpected – the things that happen in spite of the best laid plans! That’s one set of possibilities – the universe of the unplanned.
At Boys & Girls Clubs we also strive to keep on top of a different set of options: what is possible for our kids and teens?
Every day, when one of the nearly 12,000 youth we serve decides to go behind the blue door of a Boys & Girls Club, it becomes more possible for them to take an even bigger step. This is an intentional step down the critical path to high school graduation with a plan for their future. Opening that door 3 or more times a week is a healthy choice with demonstrated results.
Anyone with access to the media knows how violence has escalated all across the country. With safety uppermost in everyone’s minds, our annual Club member surveys show that the perception of safety inside the Clubs is also tied to the journeys to and from them each day. It is not only the out of school time being measured, but the combined set of experiences that make up a young person’s day. And night.
This year BGCGW will make possible a safe environment, distinguished by caring adults and programs, activities and exposure. These in turn will make it possible not only to dream, but to have dreams come true.
Be one of those caring adults; contribute to a great activity that promotes the choice of returning to the blue doors of a Boys & Girls Club. Come see that programs don’t happen without talented, passionate staff and volunteers and that, together, we will make possibilities into happy realities.
Thank you, and enjoy your autumn!