Ms. Brown is a native D.C. resident who has been with BGCGW for 12 years working at the Richard England Clubhouse 14, in the Arts ‘n’ Crafts room. Ms. Brown says, “Everything I do is for these kids.” Not only is Ms. Brown a long-time employee, she is a proud Alumna of Clubhouse 2. When she first started attending the Club as a child, her main focus was cheerleading and dance. Now, as the Arts Director of the Richard England Clubhouse 14, she continues the tradition of dance with the girls at the Club. Her favorite memory with BGCGW is when she was able to put on her first sister to sister dance showcase. Most recently she took a group of Club members to the Cherry Blossom Festival to dance in the annual parade.
Ms. Brown works with the kids on many projects outside of their day to day activities. They do arts and crafts with a group called SWAG (Students With Adopted Grandparents) where they visit a unique care facility to play bingo and perform mini-shows for the residents. She also works with the kids on various cleaning projects where they clean schools and plant trees around the varying neighborhoods. Her favorite activity is power hour because she enjoys the entire homework help process of assisting the kids and providing special activity lessons based on what they are learning in school. Ms. Brown remembers when she first started at BGCGW 12 years ago she had no prior knowledge of art and was immediately placed in the art room. She has enjoyed finding her way with her creativity and art skills while seeing it as an opportunity to learn alongside the kids. Ms. Brown is proud of her 12 years at BGCGW and says, “The whole journey has been really amazing.”