On June 14, 2016, President Obama held a televised town hall meeting called, “The President and the People: A National Conversation.” Mr. Obama spoke as part of a Disney Media Networks event which was simulcast commercial-free on ABC, ESPN, Freeform, ABCNews.com, Freeform Digital, Watch ABC, Watch ESPN, Yahoo, ABC News’ Facebook page and YouTube channel as well as ABC Radio and ESPN Radio.
The town hall was held to discuss race relations, justice, policing and equality candidly. During one segment of the town hall, Toya Graham, a single mother from Baltimore who was captured on camera striking and yelling at her son as he participated in violent demonstrations during the April 2015 Freddie Gray protests asked the president for his advice as she continues to attempt to steer not only her son, but her five daughters, in the right direction. President Obama, who was raised by a single mother, said parents like Graham needed support in their communities to enforce what they were trying to teach at home.
Part of that support is making sure that schools are safe.