Pandit F. Wright, President & CEO
Summer 2013
Dear Friends of BGCGW,
The summer months can be some of the most threatening months of the year for the young people we serve. Without the normal safe haven of school, many youth are left with idle time, leading to a twenty percent increase in juvenile crimes. Equally disturbing are the statistics that tell us many of these students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math and reading. Facts like these drive the commitment, care and focus that are put into summer programming at the Clubs.
We make it a priority to impact the lives of our members during this critical time of the year. Many of you have heard me mention Fun with a Purpose. At no time is this more important than in the summer. This year our annual TAP (Teen Arts Program) Camp will be a three – week day camp at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Northeast DC. In addition to Musical Theater, Visual Arts and the Ballet, students will have ‘edutainment ‘sessions on STEM and a week of AAAS Science in the Summer. The program will culminate in a performance at the Fort DuPont Jazz Festival on August 3 and at the Kennedy Center on August 8! This is called “Running on STEAM” – putting an A for the arts into STEM.
This year in fact, ALL of our camps will feature edutainment – students receive learning in key quantitative areas through the arts, almost without even knowing it. A recent session found everyone in the room, including me, singing about the scientific method! With our athletic activities the importance of health and fitness is reinforced. Summer also means recreational field trips, college prep, leadership training, media arts, journalism and much, much more. Thank you to our Board Members and all the community stakeholders who gave so generously to provide these opportunities.
I’ve witnessed the energy and passion our staff, camp counselors and volunteers give to our young people and I know it goes a long way toward making a difference in the lives of our members.
Speaking of making a difference – BGCGW has a newly elected Metropolitan Board Chairman, Debbi Jarvis, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility for Pepco Holdings. As a current Board Member with a demonstrated personal and professional commitment to service, Debbi without a doubt believes in the mission of BGCGW. We are thrilled to have her at the helm!
Here’s to the best commitment, care and love we can give to every child. I wish you a safe and relaxing remainder of your summer.
Pandit F. Wright