“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop, American journalist
This season is truly a golden time at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. Over the past month, we’ve had some exciting events that showcase how we are thriving.  Earlier in September, we commemorated the unveiling of the new community and reading rooms at Richard England Clubhouse 14. Sponsored by the Lois and Richard England Family Foundation, the newly redesigned rooms provide more than 400 Club members with access to a literacy-enriched environment to develop their reading skills and promote leisure reading as a way of unlocking their full potential. Our youth were overjoyed by the new books and other resources that are now at their fingertips.  Eight year old Club member, Miel Taliaferro, said “I love to read, I’m going to read in this room all the time.” There’s nothing more thrilling than to hear our youth express their desire to learn.
On September 20th, we hosted the 31st Annual Tim Russert Congressional Dinner.  This signature event was attended by over 500 guests from both sides of the political aisle, corporate supporters and dedicated members of Metro and Regional boards. The event is set to raise close to $850,000 in donations. Our theme for the evening was focused on this election year, complete with rally signs and “I support Great Futures” stickers. The room was electric as guests waved their signs in support of our youth and the amazing strides that BGCGW is making to provide them with the tools necessary to become productive citizens.  Our outcomes were conveyed to the attendees as some of the best in the BGCA movement.
As the leaves change during this fall season, our organization makes way for new opportunities to grow our impact. In this edition, please learn about one of our Clubs that has deepened the engagement of BGCGW in the Fairfax community. In the coming months, I look forward to sharing more stories of how we are expanding our impact, perspective and interactions in the lives of the youth we serve.
We are grateful for your support,
Jim Almond
Interim President & CEO