Pandit F. Wright, President & CEOHappy New Year!
At BGCGW ringing out the old, ringing in the new means bringing ever-better opportunities for Great Futures to the young people we serve.
Abraham Lincoln said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”  How marvelous is that? One day at a time is a chance to break our plans into bite- sized, doable pieces of action. Not daunting, not insurmountable- just important steps we each can take, moment by moment, one day at a time.
This year we will expand our STEAM (STEM plus the ARTS) partnerships with AAAS and George Mason University to name just two. We have an amazing Teen Arts Performer Program set for Greater Washington youth ages 11-18, featuring a TAP DC Jazz Festival Camp July 7-12 and the TAP Summer Camp at Howard University July 13-August 1. As usual we’re grateful to have an impressive roster of TAP Arts Ambassadors in the visual and performing arts dedicating time to campers. This year we’re also delighted to welcome former BGCGW Club Kid, renowned diva, Ms. Denyce Graves, who will be giving master classes in our module “Oh Opera”.  There will also be some science content in what we offer through the Arts: get ready for the premiere of the musical play RUKA, brought to you by the same team as last summer’s acclaimed eco-fable “Endangered!,” Tony Small and Keni Fine.  Don’t tell anyone, but it’s about INSECTS!
After experiencing a year where volunteers and donors made such a wonderful difference in the lives of our Club members, I close by thanking each of you for your ongoing support. I also ask that if you’ve sworn off making New Year’s Resolutions, or you’ve already given up on the ones you made, here’s one that I promise you can surely achieve: Visit a Boys & Girls Club!
With appreciation and warm regards,