Pandit F. Wright, President & CEO
“We are like chameleons; we take our hue and the color of our moral character, from those who are around us.” -John Locke
Hello everyone and Happy Spring! I think it’s finally here!
The quote above from philosopher John Locke applies to what we’re trying to address everyday at Boys & Girls Clubs. As you’ll see in a piece in this newsletter about a Fairfax Club aptly named Culmore Character, we strive to teach our kids and teens all about the ways they can develop the character needed to be healthy and productive citizens in a complex world.
When a young person enters a Club it’s an opportunity for one on one interaction with an adult who cares. And because, especially at an early age, we are vulnerable and susceptible to the influences around us, the quality of the interaction and exposure matters.
I am pleased and proud to tell you that the great stories reported here are just the tip of the iceberg! Thanks to staff and our amazing volunteers and supporters, we are able to offer Club members opportunities in each of our core programming areas designed to make a difference.
As always I invite you to join TEAM BGCGW. Help make the impact that creates great futures.
Happy and safe holidays,