Did You Know…Less than 1% of girls study Computer Science? BGCGW, together with Google, is working to change that!
“Made with Code” is a Google initiative that targets girls between the ages of 12-18. Through this program, young ladies learn the many ways our lives are powered by technology and discover how they can be a part of this exciting growth area. It addresses the lack of female representation in the companies, labs, research, creative arts, design, organizations, and boardrooms that make technology happen.
What is code? “Simply put, code is a tool that lets you write your story with technology. If you can code, you can communicate your ideas with a computer or a program so they can be brought to life in bigger, brighter, and more creative ways,” as explained by Google. “If we can inspire girls to see that code can help them pursue their passions, whatever they may be, then hopefully they will begin to contribute their voices to the field of technology for the benefit of us all.”
In 2015, Google sponsored BGCGW’s first “Google Girls Code” event. This free, one-day conference was aimed at educating our girls and getting them excited about the possibilities of a career in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). More than 125 girls attended the conference, which included presentations, hands-on demonstrations and workshops.
Google continues to support BGCGW in 2016, working to engage more STEAM partners and other businesses in sponsoring and sharing more experiences like this with our Club members.