Larry joined the BGCGW Hylton Club in 2016 after a friend from school told him about Club. Larry describes himself as “funny, skilled, and friendly,” attributes that helped him be recognized as Hylton’s “Member of the Month” for January 2019.

Larry is actively involved in Passport to Manhood, a leadership development program dedicated to promoting responsibility among boys ages 11 to 14. Passport to Manhood allows Larry to connect with his fellow Club members and share stories about what they are learning. Overall, Larry says his social skills and ability to make friends has improved since he joined the Club.
Larry also enjoys playing the drums as part of Hylton’s percussion music classes. His favorite BGCGW memory was getting to perform at Prince William County’s 2018 annual fundraiser. He says the preparation and practice improved his overall drumming skills.

Larry wants his fellow club members to know that “hard work can pay off if you’re willing to keep at it.”

We can’t wait to see what Larry tries next! Club members are charged a $50 annual fee, however the full cost annually to provide services for a member is $1,500. Since BGCGW will never deny membership to anyone who cannot afford to pay, we rely on the contributions from our generous donors to cover the remaining costs. Together, we can serve more youth, more often.