Club Member Profile
 “I unintentionally found a second home at the Boys & Girls Club”.
Meet Ayanna Destiny Holmes BGCGW Club Member and 2015 VA/DC Youth of the Year
At the age of 12, Ayanna needed to fulfill her community service requirement for school. Little did she know she would end up finding a second home at the Club.
Ayanna quickly became a bright outspoken presence in the Club. Mr. LeVar, her teen director, saw the potential in her, and he began to challenge her to go above and beyond expectations. When Ayanna expressed her passion for poetry, she was encouraged to share her talent and perform in front of the Club. Ayanna also discovered her passion for photography as a creative way to express herself.
Now, Ayanna educates young people about good mental and emotional health through poetry and photography. She plans to attend college and major in social work so she can help develop youth like the Club helped her.