Pandit F. Wright
When you can learn to play from your heart, just for YOU, because you are passionate… then you will truly be freed up to transcend your normal limits and be a model of … grace under pressure.Dr. Alan Goldberg
At our recent Tim Russert Congressional Dinner, we had the opportunity to appreciate grace under pressure. In a room filled with over 700 guests, BGCGW Club members aged 9 to 17 stepped to the microphone and with great poise introduced the night’s honorees.  They thanked everyone for their support, the opportunities presented by the Clubs, and their journeys to become equally successful members of our national community. Looking up at them, I was once again overwhelmed by the power of what we have the privilege to do each day – provide pathways of inspiration and exposure to young people who need us most.
As we prepare for our busiest time of the year, the summer camp season, we actively celebrate the graduation of each Club member who is moving to the next level of academic experience. For those who will spend summer with us and return in the fall, and for those who will only be with us for the summer, we focus on creating fun, rewarding days.  The biggest reward we seek is ‘summer brain gain’ rather than the dreaded ‘brain drain‘ that students have been proven to undergo when not challenged during this time away from school.
With a variety of themes ranging from STEM topics like cyber-security and urban infrastructure, to the digital arts; field trips all the way from Medieval Times to Imagination Stage; activities involving healthy cooking and basketball leagues, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington is ready for summer. We welcome you to stop by any of our camps to visit, volunteer or contribute however you can to making this kind of summer possible for our kids and teens. They will appreciate you, as most certainly do I.
With gratitude,