When it comes to health and wellness “Triple Play” leads the way! As a fundamental program offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW), Triple Play takes a holistic approach to teaching today’s youth self-care and smart habits. The program provides lessons that develop good habits for the body, the mind and the spirit.

There are three overarching approaches to living healthy.

(1) Eating smart is the first key to life success. When we are fueled with the right nutrients, our brains and bodies are equipped to do more when needed—in school or at play. In addition to nutrition education, Triple Play’s activities focus on helping youth identify, assess and consider healthy behaviors and messages. Learning how to understand food labels is a good start.

“Seeing and teaching youth the importance of drinking healthy drinks is amazing. Knowing that they can use the information learned to take home and use for the rest of their lives is rewarding,” says Ox Hill Club Director, Brian.


(2) Staying fit is the second key to life success. Exercise, as a daily habit, addresses the ways an individual’s health behaviors are influenced.

Whether it is an exercise class being taught by Olympic medalist, Dominique Dawes, or football and basketball tips taught by the NFL’s Play-360 or the Washington Wizard’s, BGCGW Club kids receive the best of the best when it comes to Club experiences and  Triple Play partner support.

“I like Triple Play because it helps me be a better football player,” says BGCGW Club kid, Tyrell.

(3) Maintaining healthy relationships is the third key to life success. Emphasis on social and emotional development, or cognitive and behavioral skills is what youth need in order to reman mentally healthy.  This is the capstone to the Triple Play model. There is an explicit focus on emotional regulation, responsible decision-making and maintenance of healthy relationships (with self and others).

Exposure to this kind of positive modeling is based on the four primary pillars of BGCGW programming (Arts, Character & Leadership, Education and Health). They make up the core programming curriculum of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

With your support, more kids in the Greater Washington, DC area can learn the 3 keys to living healthy. Please consider donating to our mission. Donate HERE.