The future starts at our doors.

The greatest measure of our impact is the lives that we help launch. Club kids go on to make a difference in their communities, to their families and in their careers. That difference means nothing short of a better world for all of us. Here’s how some of our alumni are going ALL IN in their own lives.


Michael Locksley

University of Maryland Head Football Coach

“A lot of the principles and values that I have as a coach; as a father, are reinforced by the values that I learned through the Club.”

University of Maryland Head Football Coach, Michael Locksley, grew up in the Southwest section of Washington, DC. He credits his career as a coach to the influential coaches that mentored him as a Club kid.

Locksley has a 30-year coaching career that lists record-breaking statistics and numerous awards, including a college national championship title.

Coach Locksley is a member of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington’s Metropolitan Board of Directors, a founding member of the National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches, and has led Maryland to bowl games for three consecutive seasons—a first in the program’s history.

Asha Haddox-Rossiter

2022 Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth of the Year

“My role as National Youth of the Year presents me with an opportunity to represent four million kids and teens across the nation. I KNOW I am capable of anything that lies ahead!”

Asha Haddox-Rossiter grew up in the Northwest section of Washington, DC. She attributes much of her self-confidence and interest in public policy and law to her mentors and Club experiences.

Haddox-Rossiter achieved the highest honor a Club kid can obtain: In 2022, she earned the title of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth of the Year.

As a rising senior at The Ohio State University, she returns often to her Club in Washington, DC, to serve as a mentor and speak with Club kids and teens aspiring to become the next Youth of the Year.

Lacy Rice

Federal Capital Partners Co-founder & Managing Partner

“As a Club kid, I saw how little it took to steer us kids one way or the other; I appreciate the vital contributions Boys & Girls Clubs can play in the lives of youth.”

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Federal Capital Partners, Lacy Rice grew up in West Virginia as a Club kid in a small Boys & Girls Club. He later grew up to serve as Chair of that Club’s Board of Directors.

He has a lifelong passion for service and joined Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington’s Metropolitan Board of Directors when he moved his family to the Washington, DC area. He has been a dedicated supporter for over 20 years.

As Co-Chair of the ALL IN campaign, Rice guides fundraising strategies to directly impact Club members in communities across the DMV.

Andre Wright

Metroploitan Police Assistant Chief, Youth & Family Engagement Bureau

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my interaction with the Boys & Girls Club.”

Assistant Chief of Police, Andre Wright, grew up in Washington, DC. He acknowledges that the Club made a big difference in his life and life choices.

Wright, a 30-year police veteran, has risen through the ranks; from officer to investigator with narcotics and warrants units, to crime reduction and gun recovery programs. But nothing hits home like efforts to help the youth of his hometown of Washington, DC. He is now in charge of the department’s city-wide Youth and Family Engagement Bureau.

Wight, and the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, continue to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington to direct and redirect tomorrow’s leaders today.

Richard Dyer

WUSA-9 TV Senior Vice President/President & General Manager

“The reason I’m all in, I know we are changing lives and saving lives.”

WUSA-9 TV Senior Vice President/President & General Manager, Richard Dyer, is a native Washingtonian. As a Club kid, he was introduced to the Club by his father, a former Club kid himself.

A media executive with over three decades of leadership and management expertise, Dyer’s career stretches from Omaha and St. Louis to Ohio.

Kahlil Greene

Gen Z Historian & Influencer

“It hurts to think that some other kids may not be able to have the resources and experiences that I had at the Club.”

Educational entertainer, Kahlil Greene, was the first Black student body president in Yale’s 318-year history, and is an internet and television influencer. Greene was a Club kid at the Germantown branch of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington for seven years. DC. He influences millions of viewers on Nickelodeon and his own social media channels, educating young people on politics and history as the “Gen Z Historian.”

Tom Baltimore

Park Hotels & Resorts Chaiman, President & CEO

“As the oldest of five, Boys & Girls Club was my escape! We need these Clubs to thrive and fill the gap for many families trying to keep their kids safe and supported.”

Chaiman, President and CEO, Park Hotels & Resorts, Tom Baltimore, was a Club kid in Montgomery County, Maryland. Between sports and friends, he learned the art of relationship building.

Baltimore is well respected within the business, finance and hospitality industries. He has lead many companies to success and continues to build out new landscapes for industry, people and the community.