Center of Transformation

CoT Pillars

  • The CoT’s ten-week Global Climate Change Curriculum is designed to help club youth learn about advocacy and global climate change, analyze its effects, develop recommendations to mitigate it, and learn how to use the democratic process to advocate for a better future. 
  • Selected Club youth from across the country will  have the opportunity to participate in the CoT’s inaugural National Advocacy and STEM Summit in Washington D.C. from June 25-29. Sign up here!
  • During the summit, Club members will learn STEM knowledge and workforce development skills, have opportunities to advocate for the planet through fun activities such as visits to the United States Capitol to meet policy makers, field trips to the Boeing Company and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, panel discussions with environmental justice experts, and networking opportunities with other Club members from different regions.

Click here to register for N.A.S.S.