Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington Dr. Sachiko Kuno Center of Transformation

Make a difference that changes the world.

What is the Center of Transformation?

The Center of Transformation (CoT) is a first-of-its kind incubator for new ideas and engagement around global issues affecting youth. As the nation’s Boys & Girls Club, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington established CoT as a destination for Boys & Girls Club members across the nation.

The mission of the Center of Transformation is to raise Club youths’ awareness about global issues — principally global climate change — and empower them to use advocacy to create a more just, responsible, equitable and sustainable planet.

CoT is a pathway for social impact designed to elevate the voices of Club youth who will protect the future of their planet through their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), workforce development, advocacy, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

CoT Pillars

Year 2 of CoT and its ten-week Global Climate Change Curriculum began on January 29, 2024. The ten-week intensive program is designed to empower club youth to learn about global climate change and advocacy.

Selected Club youth from across the country had the opportunity to participate in CoT’s second annual CoT Summit (CoTS) in Washington D.C., June 16-21, 2024. It was a tremendous success! You can read a summary of our week together here: CoTS Summary Report 2024. Video recap coming soon!

During CoTS, participants learned more about STEM, DEI, Advocacy and Workforce Development and got a chance to put their 21st century skills to the test through a series of fun & engaging activities. Those activities included visits to the United States Capitol to meet policy makers and attend live sessions of Congress, field trips to NASA and the Boeing Company to experience real-time data from our satellites in space, flight simulators, and fly their own drones, roundtable discussions with entrepreneurs and environmental justice experts, and networking opportunities with corporate and environmental professionals and fellow Club members from around the United States.

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