Untitled6Self-discipline can be a strong foundation for success.  According to long-time Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington volunteer John Walvius, basketball can be the perfect sport to practice self-discipline while learning to keep emotions under control.
With more than three decades of experience with the Prince William County Clubs, John is passionate about athletics and basketball. As a current board member, we are lucky to have John as a highly effective leader. John shared with us his fondest memory of expanding the Club’s basketball program. While coaching his young daughter’s AAU basketball team, John noticed the sport dominated by boys, so he set out to make some changes. He merged his program with the Boys & Girls Clubs and immediately began to notice more girls coming to the court. Today, the Club’s successful basketball program is popular with girls, ages 11 and up. John said, “Boys & Girls Clubs is more than just a sports program. It’s a home where members play and learn – a holistic approach that builds a Club Kid’s character and self confidence today, and civic minded adults of the future.”