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On Sunday, December 30th 2012, BGCGW’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Eric Liley, and FBR @THEARC Extreme Teen, Josiyah Brown were featured on the National News Show, “America’s News Headquarters”.  The host, Shannon Bream talked to Liley and Brown about BGCA/BGCGW’s mission and the organizational involvement with ‘holiday helping’.
Transcript provided by Fox News:
Our last holiday helping segment of the season we have selected the boys and girls clubs of America.
Starting — talk about the cubs nation Eric Lilly vice president of the boys and girls clubs of America the greater Washington bureau.
It is I — brown was a very active member welcome to you don’t.
Thank you for having — going to be here are a little bit about what you’re doing and how it’s impacting young people I think is very important boys and girls clubs of America is one of the largest U service organizations in the country.
Currently we have about 4000 locations throughout the country.
And we serve about four million caves and those locations or — combination of standalone facilities.
Great schools — military bases as well as.
A number of locations across the country to — in Washington DC DC in the nation’s capital.
Boys and girls clubs of greater Washington isn’t a large affiliate.
And here alone we — about 161000 youth an eighteen locations throughout the Washington and Maryland Virginia.
So we’re just trying our best to stay on top of all the things that are going on.
I think our mission — I think is very important and it’s really simple is — hope kids of all backgrounds to build character build confidence in those of the kids that really used most.
So they can develop into productive and and helping citizens and contribute to the this this this this country so — report very very proud of — mission.
And Desai is one of the young man who was doing that we chat a little that you’re involved in so many different things tell us about a with the club is meant to you — the kinds of things are often.
Well I’ve been there since I was five years though.
Alone it’s helping me with my career — go.
And my career — only through businesses and I wanted to help out my community and give back since I have got things from me.
And — in keystone.
We do a lot of projects — stuff with community.
We help the home lives — help people like we’re on we’re going to do something for the people in Connecticut.
And of robotics and helping me with my engineering career so it’s really.
And earn diplomas and degrees it’s a scholarship to help us.
Indicates that’s in the program.
— Nice life and costs one.
amazing — staying very busy.
And an air that’s the — to get them so many different opportunities to experience different things to see Aaron.
Exactly — and we focus and we have a holistic approach to — to doing their youth I mean there’s five core — it’s it’s character and leadership development.
Current educational development the arts.
Health and life skills as well sports fitness and recreation and — today.
You know I think for us and we role in the mission of the formula for impact which basically is.
We want to make sure that every kid that goes through our doors.
Graduates from high school from high school with a plan.
So they can be productive citizens live healthy lifestyles and just make great choices — that’s trade school military.
We’re doing the best.
And and — the kids are as a country as you know America’s kids — in prices somewhat.
You’re fifty or fifteen million kids between the ages of four and sixteen bit but between the out of three and in some.
One out of every three children don’t graduate high school on time.
And then one out of every three kids you know is if you — obese.
Oh or unhealthy.
So we’re trying to do loses his leverage all the things that we do — it and make a difference in those kids’ lives and create a great future for.
Kids like.
And as well as a number of others.
Well we — you’ve been doing this Bertha clubs have for nearly 150 years and we thank you and — keep up the great work and we will let folks know how they they can get involved your web sites and other ways so that if they wanna be part of your mission they can contribute to that as well think about.