The Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation awards BGCGW a three-year partnership with Team Unity, which initiates after-school programs while strengthening the partnership with Forest Oak Middle School and developing a template for best practices in STEAM programming.
As a partner in the Team Unity initiative, the BGCGW’s STEAM program has been interwoven into the fabric of the Forest Oak Middle School community in an effort to improve student eligibility and academic achievement in mathematics and science.  As a result of our efforts and interventions thus far, we have made significant progress towards our year one program goals. Moreover, students are now invested in STEAM, and are able to articulate its applicability to their everyday lives. This progress is evident via student work samples, report card grades, survey data, and parent feedback. As the school year culminated, students made connections across multiple content areas and developed 21st century college and career readiness skills, which are necessary for success in today’s workforce.