Pandit F. Wright, President & CEODear Friends of BGCGW,
As I write this autumn update I’m happy to report that the plans I shared in our last edition, for providing kids and teens safe and productive “fun-time” in summer day-camps, were carried out with great spirit and flair.  As always I send thanks to staff, volunteers and funders who made this so.
On my mind this month is the word ‘communicate’.  Here’s a definition: “to be joined or connected”. Certainly at the Boys & Girls Clubs we strive every day to be joined and connected with the communities we serve – from our club members to their families, schools and local government representatives. In our programs and activities we impart a feeling of empowerment and competence to our young people by teaching them the value of communication. How to defeat bullying by telling someone who can help is an important outcome. Creative self-expression through the arts is another.
We seek to maintain a strong connection with those of you who hold our mission in your hearts and donate your resources in support of what we do every day. We want to “give or interchange thoughts, feelings and information by writing or speaking”. We have therefore restructured our staff in order to provide more direct access to our parents, club members, boards and other stakeholders; we have upgraded our website and are completing new materials to help tell our stories; we Tweet and meet and post and write. We want to communicate with you.
I hope this newsletter opens a window into our clubs and some of the great people who are part of the Boys & Girls Clubs Movement. Your visits, whether in person or online, as well as your questions, comments and ideas for the success of our mission are welcome. Let us hear from you!
With gratitude,