by Maya Ollie, MarComm Intern


How many gifts will you buy this year that will impact a future?

Each year the Friday following Thanksgiving is known as the shoppers holiday, “Black Friday.” Countless Americans come together and celebrate by standing in mile long lines during the wee hours of the morning to buy everything from spatulas to sweaters at a discounted price. And for those who are not as committed to driving out to stores to commemorate Black Friday there is the alternative option, Cyber Monday!

Even our BGCGW staff are taking part in #GivingTuesday!

BGCGW staff, Michelle N., shares why she gives in support of #GivingTuesday!

Just when you thought there were enough ‘spending’ days, there is another day joining the Black Friday/Cyber Monday ranks. But this time, it’s spending with perks that are priceless: it is known as Giving Tuesday. In its second year, Giving Tuesday is a campaign that creates a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season!
This year we’re proud to announce BGCGW is taking part in Giving Tuesday too!
The holidays are always a great time, particularly for children. You remember the excitement of the holidays as a child – always having so much to look forward to. We want to make sure that this holiday season meets our kids’ expectations – and you can help us do this!
Boys_and_Girls_club00137BGCGW is not just a place that looks after children until their parents arrive. We provide holistic aftercare that enhances, inspires and allows our youth to grow. From encouraging our youths’ passions for the arts or sports to introducing them to new experiences like the Washington International Horse Show; we want to continue to provide the gift of great futures. We believe that providing a child with a great future is important because they are our future.
This year Giving Tuesday is December 3. On December 3, you can donate all day long online and/or you can join us at the Sports 4 Inspiration event, hosted by Many Hats, 4POINT4, Unison and Flash DC! However you decide to give, know that you will be making an difference in the lives of youth throughout the DMV.

We hope that on Giving Tuesday you join us and give an invaluable gift: a great future.

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