Pandit F. Wright, President & CEOAs we welcome the new year and all of its promise, we continue our steadfast efforts to increase our impact.
Sadly our nation was witness to the terrible tragedy in Connecticut during the recent holiday season. This very difficult incident focused our country on the harsh reality of increasing violence in our schools and lives. As part of BGCGW’s ongoing commitment to the youth we serve, we are continuing to make improvements to the policies and procedures that protect our young people.
I don’t mind sharing with you that implementing and maintaining some of these procedures can be challenging: prospective volunteers may raise an eyebrow at being asked to do certain things in the name of safety. However, if you are a donor to our organization, or someone who cares about kids, I’m sure that you will be happy to know we don’t plan to give up!
On January 19th, Clubs helped President and First Lady Obama celebrate the National Day of Service. In this month’s newsletter, as in every newsletter, you’ll see wonderful examples of service to youth. As President of this organization, I write to thank everyone who has participated in these activities because, in times where every volunteer matters more than ever in the mentoring and guidance of our members, their need for you is strong. As the Clubs continue to provide an oasis in the afterschool terrain, your service will make a difference, not just on one day but for many days to come.
As you reflect on the wonderful spirit of giving and camaraderie that has infused the Nation’s Capital during the Inaugural events, and breathe a sigh of relief that we did it all gracefully and thank goodness, safely, I hope you will spread a bit of that spirit to the Boys & Girls Clubs. Start your year by arranging for a Club tour. Meet our kids and staff – volunteer! And when you do, don’t worry about policies and procedures: focus on all the ways you will be making a difference by creating a safe and healthy environment for those who need us most.
Thank you for coming to this Corner. Wishing you joy and prosperity in 2013.